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  • Delivery
    Beach Town Beverage Company delivers frozen products to your home. To accomplish this, we transport the products while they are frozen and drop them off at your door in insulated totes. We make every effort to ensure that the cubes arrive in their frozen state. However, please understand that they may begin to thaw during transit and while left unattended. To mitigate the risk of excessive heat or sunlight, we schedule deliveries early in the morning. This helps maintain the quality and freshness of the frozen products during transportation. Upon completion of the delivery, we will send you an email notification to inform you that your order has arrived safely at your designated location.
  • My Cubes arrived thawed
    Beach Town Beverage Company aims to deliver frozen cubes to as many families as possible. Please be aware that some thawing may occur during the delivery process. If you receive your delivery and the cubes are no longer frozen but are still cold to the touch, they are safe to consume. You can place them directly in the freezer or refrigerator for future use. However, if the cubes are no longer cold to the touch, we do not recommend consuming them. If you believe this is a result of an error on our part, please contact our customer service team at for assistance.
  • Packaging
    Beach Town Beverage Company deeply values our beautiful planet and recognizes the importance of environmental stewardship. That's why we are committed to taking care of it in every way we can. To uphold our environmental responsibility, we ensure that all our packaging is fully recyclable. Our boxes and insulation are crafted from 100% recycled and recyclable materials, helping to reduce waste and promote a sustainable cycle. Additionally, our packaging is free from BPA, further prioritizing the safety of both consumers and the environment. ♻️ We are continuously exploring innovative approaches to further enhance our packaging, seeking ways to minimize our overall ecological impact. Our ongoing dedication to improvement drives us to find sustainable solutions and contribute positively to the well-being of our planet.
  • Do you deliver to a PO Box
    It is not possible to deliver to a post office box (P.O. Box). Our product will be delivered to your door in a secure location.
  • Got the frozen cubes now what?
    We highly recommend storing your cubes in the freezer for optimal freshness and convenience. Each cube tray is designed with perforations, allowing you to easily tear off the desired number of cubes when you're ready to prepare a refreshing beverage. For a single drink, we suggest using three cubes as a starting point. To assist you further, we have a dedicated "How To" section on our website, where you can find step-by-step instructions and helpful video demonstrations. Simply visit to access these valuable resources and enhance your beverage-making experience.
  • I defrosted some cubes but didn't consume them...
    If you have defrosted the cubes but couldn't consume them all, you can safely store them in the refrigerator, provided the plastic packaging remains intact. For the best taste experience, we recommend consuming the defrosted cubes within 5 days. By refrigerating the cubes, you can preserve their quality and extend their usability, allowing you to enjoy them at your convenience. Just ensure that the packaging remains uncompromised to maintain freshness. Remember, consuming the defrosted cubes within 5 days ensures optimal flavor, so you can continue savoring their delightful taste.
  • How long do they last in the freezer?
    Our cubes are designed to maintain their quality and flavor while stored in the freezer indefinitely. However, to ensure the best taste experience, we recommend enjoying them within six months of receiving your order. While the cubes can still be consumed after the recommended timeframe, they may gradually lose some of their original taste and texture. To fully appreciate the exceptional flavor profiles our cubes offer, we encourage you to savor them within the suggested six-month period. By adhering to this guideline, you can indulge in the optimal sensory experience and relish the deliciousness of our cubes to the fullest extent.
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