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Get to Know Us

Here at Beach Town Beverage Company, it is our goal to simplify the cocktail crafting process, while making a darn good drink!  We make organic, small batch craft cocktail mixers that are preservative and additive free.  Our mixers are frozen in pre-measured cube trays, so you get a perfectly balanced drink every time.


What makes Beach Town Beverage Company unique in a world FULL of cocktail mixers and canned pre-mixed drinks you ask?  Great question!  Unlike other mixers which tend to be syrupy and overly sweet with a multitude of additives and preservatives, BTBC gives you a fresh, preservative free blend, and exact, pre-measured proportions for a perfect drink every time.  Where canned cocktails are already mixed, BTBC gives you the opportunity to perfectly tailor the flavors to your preference with whatever spirit (or non-spirit!) you choose.

You may be thinking, "I can EASILY make a specialty cocktail on my own at home..." and you aren't wrong! In fact, that is exactly where we stood.  The thing is, this typically comes along with either lots of time wasted playing bartender all night, or lots of money wasted when unused ingredients inevitably go bad in the fridge.  This is where we come in!


For an amazing beverage on-the-rocks, all you need to do is slightly defrost the cubes, pour into a cocktail shaker, add your spirit of choice, shake and pour over ice to enjoy or better yet…


For a swoon worthy frozen beverage, add frozen cubes to a blender with the spirit of your choice, blend, and pour into a glass and enjoy frozen. Because you do not need to add ice, you will not end up with a watered down drink!


Why mix when you can chill!

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